Coach Michael Joyce began to formulate the Golden Thread System™ while in college at St.Louis University.  Already well versed in Chinese Kungfu (since 1994), Mr. Joyce studied the arts of Sambo, Fencing and Hunyuan Taijiquan.  He would later study extensively with Master Chen Zhonghua (Chen Style) and occasionally with others such as: Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming (Qinna), Yang Yang (Taiji), Rener & Ryron Gracie (JiuJitsu) and many more.

While finishing his studies at the University of NC at Greensboro (Exercise & Sport Science), Mr. Joyce concentrated his efforts on the science and psychology of physical confrontations.  Empowering women through self-protection workshops, lectures and educational materials is what he considers “Priority One” of his Life’s work.

The Golden Thread System™ continues to be refined.  2011 is the year that kicked off the GTS Certification Program.  Ladies (and men) wishing to hone their skills in all areas of self-protection and who present a passion for teaching others are encouraged to join the certification program.  (Find out more here)

Currently, Coach Joyce is working on his 2nd book, Out-Foxxed (2013), and an audio cd on Verbal Confrontations.  He lives and works in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with his wife Jennifer, their sugar bear (son) Manu, and italian greyhound (daughter) Mei Li.

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Jennifer Joyce is Coach Joyce’s wife and has attended nearly every lecture and workshop from 2010-2012.  She is slated to obtain achieve full “instructor rating” in 2013.

She is an Appalachian State University graduate and enjoys self-defense training, crocheting, and walking our beautiful queen-dog, Mei Li.





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